Lom Stave Church – among the largest and oldest

Welcome to Lom Stave Church, one of the largest and oldest stave churches in Norway. The church was built in the mid-12th century and has since been the main church in Lom. The church is open every day during the summer season, and we welcome groups at other times of the year by prior arrangement.
Taket på Lom Stavirke

About the Church

Lom stavkyrkje is an impressive church with a rich history. Built in the mid-12th century, it was used by both the local population and travelers, and was an important hub between east and west. The church is built in stave construction and has a raised central room that is supported by a row of internal posts (columns). The carved dragon heads on the roof are characteristic of the church from the beginning, and the top dragon head on the east side of the church and the ridge crest over the choir are replicas, made in 1964, of the original decorations from the Middle Ages.